Module Castle Waterslide Combo (Wet/Dry)

Module Castle Waterslide Combo (Wet/Dry)

A spacious bounce area and basketball hoop (balls not provided), kids will jump all day long. Kids will then climb up the wall to reach the top of the waterslide and slip and slide all the way down. This water slide comes with a misting spray system that connects to a standard garden hose.

XL Castle Combo (Wet/Dry)


This event is HUGE!!! A full-size bounce area with a basketball hoop (balls not provided). Kids will then go through an obstacle course on the way to the ladder to make it to the top of the waterslide. Down the slide they go into a small pool area. Once outside, they have a second basketball hoop. This water … Read more

Red 15’ Slide (Wet/Dry)


Our Red 15’ water slide is amazing fun for children and adults of most ages… The slide has a long landing area at the end of the slide to safely catch everyone. The 15′ water slide can easily fit into back yards, parks, any grassy area etc, and is the perfect celebration on a hot … Read more

Summer Splash (Wet/Dry)


Our Summer Splash slide is amazing fun for children of all ages… The slide has a protective netting so kids are not able to stand up on top of the slide. Summer Splash water slide can easily fit into back yards, parks, any grassy area etc, and is the perfect celebration on a hot sunny … Read more

Foam Party


With a powerful blower, we will blow a soapy foam on your guests or students. This is a great highlight to the party! We use hypoallergenic soap which will not irritate skin or damage grass/turf.

Hydro Blast Water Maze


The Hydro Blast Water Spraying Maze is a fun and exciting water game to add to your event! Players use stream machines to try to soak others in the maze and get them wet. Cool fun for people of all ages. The game includes the inflatable maze, buckets to fill up the stream machine water … Read more

Hydro Blast with Air Bunkers

HydroBlast with Air Bunkers

The Hydro Blast with Air Bunkers is great for setting up on a field that is to far away from an outlet and you don’t want to have a generator!  We provide 8-10 Air Bunkers of different sizes and shapes kids can hide behind while they are soaking each other with Steam Machine water sprayers.

Big Splash


A fun and SAFE alternative to dunk tanks!  The Big Splash Water Game will keep you cool, wet, and entertained all day long! Throw a bean bag, hit the target, and the bucket dumps water right above someone’s head.  Requires a continuous water source to refill the bucket.

Foam Machine (Foamy stackable foam)

Foam Party

What is a Foam Party? Just the best party that is out there!!! The Foam Machine will spray foamy stackable foam in a 20’ area. The foam stacks up and the kids have a blast playing in the Foam. GREAT ADDITION TO ANY CARNVIAL!!!