Rock and Roll


Looking for something they have not seen before? This is a huge bounce house with an 8’ round squishy inflatable platform in the center. Jump around or play King of the Hill!!

Foam Party


With a powerful blower, we will blow a soapy foam on your guests or students. This is a great highlight to the party! We use hypoallergenic soap which will not irritate skin or damage grass/turf.

Hydro Blast Water Maze


The Hydro Blast Water Spraying Maze is a fun and exciting water game to add to your event! Players use stream machines to try to soak others in the maze and get them wet. Cool fun for people of all ages. The game includes the inflatable maze, buckets to fill up the stream machine water … Read more

Hydro Blast with Air Bunkers

HydroBlast with Air Bunkers

The Hydro Blast with Air Bunkers is great for setting up on a field that is to far away from an outlet and you don’t want to have a generator!  We provide 8-10 Air Bunkers of different sizes and shapes kids can hide behind while they are soaking each other with Steam Machine water sprayers.

Big Splash


A fun and SAFE alternative to dunk tanks!  The Big Splash Water Game will keep you cool, wet, and entertained all day long! Throw a bean bag, hit the target, and the bucket dumps water right above someone’s head.  Requires a continuous water source to refill the bucket.

Wrecking Ball


Looking for a great team event!  Six people are in the arena standing on pedestals with a giant tetherball in the middle. Try to knock each other off to win!

Human Hamsterball (Zorb Ball)


The Zorb Ball is a HUGE 9’ round ball that kids of all ages get in and roll around or over each other! These can ONLY be setup on grass, turf, or on the gym floor. A staff member will be with and tethered to the Zorb Ball at all times. This is a fun and safe addition … Read more

Sticky Dodgeball


What happens when you have a group of people in Velcro suites and a ton of sticky ball? You have Sticky Dodgeball!!! Sticky Dodgeball can be setup in a Bounce House, Rock n Roll, the Maze, or with Air Bunkers. Air Bunker Sticky Dodgeball can be played in the gym our out on the field!!



Work together as a group to see how many times you can hit the Blaze Pods. Teams of 2 will work together hitting the pods within 30 seconds. Add up your score and see if you can beat the others! Speed, teamwork, and agility are needed to be the best.

Velcro Wall


Have you ever felt like a fly caught on fly tape? Well, do you want to? Lots of people all across the country have answered “Yes” to that question! So, we are proud to bring to the area the official Velcro Wall. The special suit allows you to bounce up off the inflatable and stick … Read more